APN Awards 2017

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The APN Awards is something we started a number of years back, to recognize some of the amazingly cool creative things that are always going on but often overlooked in our artistically sexual community. The sorts of things that the mainstream industry types might not have understood or appreciated back in the day. But, more and more, they are coming around to what we’ve always enjoyed. Breaking the mold and celebrating diverse individuality, punkrock DIY attitudes, ethical creative processes, counter-culture influences, and a tribal sense of connected supportive community.

We are so happy to have the opportunity to celebrate our awards with such an amazing live event this year! The 2017 APN Awards are set to take place in one of the coolest venues in Los Angeles, California. We have red carpet arrivals, stellar media sponsors covering the event, killer goodie bags stuffed with treats from MyFreeCams, Bad Dragon, BlueBlood, and many more! We have Jeffrey Damnit as Master of Ceremonies and Malice McMunn as the Trophy Goddess, handing out awesome cut-crystal awards! Great DJ’s, open bar, and a big after party!

Please note that, although afterparty starts at 10:30pm, these tickets are only good for entry prior to 9:45pm, so please do not be late. Thanks.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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